The Streets Speak: Chapa 182

What’s in a name, particularly yours?

Chapa, my birth name, or Chapa 182

How long you been writing?

I’ve been an artist since I was a scallywag, but writing since ‘92. I started Hyroglifx Krew…182

How long you been doing those art boards?

The art boards, or panel project, got started in ’99. I was the only one doing this in Houston. Before that I used to stencil and wheat-paste early ’97 to ‘98.

How long do the panels usually ride?

Not long. People take them. Thanx. Free marketing, you can say.

You see them as different, conceptually, from regular graffiti?

Yes. Nothing to do with graff. More art graff is straight aerosol. Spray paint. This is found art, public art, guerilla art, a new concept but I still write graff and paint and sculpt.

You mind if I steal one? Just kidding. Sort of.

Naw, man. Collect them all if you give ‘em away. That’s why I do this. Yeah, go for it.

Click here and here for more panels.

  • http://na jews

    Man to bad your crew has cut graffiti short for houston youth!!I cound’nt beleave artice talking to cops answering every question right on point!!
    And on tv for the whole world to see like he forgot the rules I’ve done my time no one should ever talk to pigs like gfx did!!!!I will forever have a bad spot for gfx in my heart real motherfuckers know
    we bomb we go to jail we get out we bomb more!!you should have left it dead houstons graffiti scene would have done alot better with it!!!and oh ya I never stoped 93 til infinti

  • chapa

    jelous ,,jews from dts,,get over it brother is the past move on dont hate like buck nasty and silky johnson ,,,peace love and happinesssss,,,and paint brother jews

  • el junior

    orale primo getting down long time no see take care and ur art is great. is dat willy at the top of the page?

  • @KingDavid713

    Damn ol dude hating hard. Idk bout any of that, but it aint been cut short in Houston. If anything there’s a resurgence happening in NorthSide at least. So chill and keep doin what u doin!

  • article

    Hey Jews, your a fucking dumb ass…..I didn’t give up anyone’s name or identity you retard… tube has wanna bes like yourself giving up info on graff and how to videos…..snitching is when you give up someone and they get busted…I did nothing like that at all! I was asked by the city to volunteer and help kids from doing illegal graffiti and keep them out of jail by doing legal projects to get paid…….in the interview I did with the city official I didn’t say anything that isn’t on you tube already and I sure as Hell didn’t snitch on anyone …..

  • thetruth

    this is wack both those guys will never be part of the scene thats why everyone in houston thinks you guys are jokes for real….none of your stuff will ever ride in houston anymore thanks to your snitching and fake ass shit you guys pulled.

  • houston

    this is the wackest crap ever why would you interview a fake writer for? never painted guys never did shit for houston 3.your whole crew talks to cops not only that everyone in houston will not let you ride thats what you get for being fake!

When: August 27, 2007

Where: Houston

What: , ,

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