Class War

This is all the more fitting, considering it’s written right near Freeman’s Town, a.k.a. the place where poor black folks used to live before well-to-do white folks began building big-ass townhouses.

I used to live a couple blocks behind here, in a fourplex two doors down from where Reality Bites was filmed. Does that make me a solider in the gentrifying army? I guess so, although I think those fourplex-laden streets have been Anglo-riffic for years, whatever that’s worth, and it’s not like our landlord ever did shit to fix the place up.

Perhaps that’s why it says “class war” instead of “race war.”

  • lauren

    Yep – and Freedmen’s Town will soon be “AngloTownhomwVille” (just like everywhere else.


  • “A”rchitecture

    soul never stops,settles, or dies

  • R


  • bigdadi

    yo did you grow up in fourthward….anyway back to freedmen’s town…they got public housing there right now in the middle of whats left of that ward…yeah gentrification sucks that’s why they took down the projects down allen parkway and started to kick latinos and blacks out in the mid 90’s…its been happening for the last 20 years tho if memory serves me right…did you go to GLEC???

When: August 22, 2008

Where: Houston

What: ,

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