Malibu Grand Prix & Castle: Abels and Takes

I had a fantastic afternoon recently, exploring the remains of the shuttered Malibu Grand Prix & Castle complex over on the West Loop between 290 and I-10. Not only were there tons of tags to document, but I also got to hang out with some ducks and take a general stroll down Memory Lane. I can remember at least one double-date I had there the summer before my sophomore year, not to mention tons of parties for birthdays and little league baseball. I wound up scooping up 22 dirty putt-putt balls on the way back to my truck, and they’re currently rolling around in the bed.

I don’t want to overload the site all at once with photos from the place, so I’ll be spreading out the snaps over the next few weeks. When I’m done, all the evidence will be archived at this link. And if any of y’all can help out in the comments with identifying some of these tags, that’d be grand.

  • va

    man that shit looks thight fukin abel niga gets up nasty

  • zudokato

    you forgot to name lingo in the middle

  • alba

    when exactly did the place close down?

When: June 25, 2008

Where: Houston


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