Okay, Guys, This Is Where I Draw the Line

From Abrahan Garza comes this flick of an addition to one of those red balls on the bridges across HWY 59.

First: Those balls aren’t doing any harm. If anything, they see enough damage from the smog on the highway. Take a closer look at one of them next time you’re driving by, and you’ll see the backside of each is much duller than the front.

Second: This crooked-ass attempt at a face totally sucks. It would’ve been one thing if the artist had just scrawled his name; that at least could’ve been argued for under a general pro-graffiti stance. But this lame face is way off base, in terms of perpective and location on the ball. Hey, douche, next time you’re out drunk with a can of paint, stick to the Dumpsters.

When: February 19, 2007

Where: Houston

What: ,

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