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Derek Shumate shares an update on that anti-graffiti camera near Poison Girl.

Was passing by the infamous graffiti niche when I noticed a cherry-picker fixing the camera box & lights.

The mystery has finally been solved!

It is NOT the city of Houston and is NOT HPD. The truck they were using was unmarked and the two men were wearing black shirts with their name and logo on it. Leading me to believe they are independent contractors.

I know for sure that the City of Houston uses trucks with their name on it for tasks like this because I saw them installing the intersection cameras in the same fashion multiple times. They also weren’t wearing this shirt I saw them wearing yesterday.

So, I’ve come to my own conclusion that these people and that camera were installed by the business owners in an effort to deter graffiti so that they don’t get fined by the city or have to deal with the hassle of cleaning it up over and over. The city is aware of that spot so they probably check it from time to time and write them tickets if they see anything back there.

I truly believe that if it were HPD they’d be springing suspects caught back there.

  • AKA

    After further research the people who run the place Leopard Lounge which the camera is actually behind (not Poison Girl) are claiming that it was in fact HPD!

  • Dirty3rd

    I spoke to HPD for work and was told it’s theirs.

When: March 29, 2007

Where: Houston

What: ,

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