Scene Kid 17

Another one from over the transom:

  • kid

    HOLY SHIT. hands down thats the fuckin dopest peice ill probably ever see in my life.

  • Tsk

    dope shit

  • aj

    thanks i did this LOOK AT ME

  • Bobby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ho mi god tat iz amazinz mi amigo.thiz is betta thin SABER or ivin RETNA
    hands down real talk omg

  • KriTiK

    letters are whack

    everything else is good

  • mink

    …graffiti is nothing without colors.

    that’s under a bridge… you should’ve taken your time.

  • Adrian J

    yo i did tis a while back who is postin up comments under my name?but yeah i guess i did this in like 5 minutes by my house

  • tsk

    the mink guy posting up shit stfu man you dont know shit about colors over here trying to do graffiti one thing you need to know you blow at it i seen your work and ha talking about colors first you got to work on your shit before you start saying things about others graff

  • howard the duck

    yo this is good for a hollow piece,i seen that dude MINK around sum neighborhood in oak meadows…super whack man ,you have the style of a person with arthritis man…with those shaky paint drips n a toy man stop talking down on thats a hollow throw up,.. nothing without color,ur fuckin stupid! learn your shit before u talk kid n stick to what ever it is you do besides graffiti

  • im a toy

    lol graffitti gossip love it. mink and all you kids need a crayola book no joke.and arthritis is right lol someone someone please send in some of minks work lol makes scene look queen

  • mink

    this is obviously aj writting all these comments…

    you say my shit is crappy well atleast i get up bitch

    that’s the only shit i’ve seen from you
    and you called it a piece when you were talking to me so your the one that dont know shit about graffiti.

    i did a sign on top of this meat market and all this “scene kid faggot” did was put “toy” and an arrow pointing up… didnt even have the balls to get up there.

  • mink

    oh and new name is GONE bitches so look out for it

  • im a toy

    gone? huh well get lost a color book.go play video games and ride ur skateboard

  • gone

    …what a faggot, dude.

    …you need to grow a fucken set of nuts.

    you keep talking shit and you’ll regret it… i guarantee it.

  • gone

    ok im sorry to all ull for making ull look at my shit as mink and gone.i have nuts but no style so im a stop writing

  • scene17

    bout time mink quotes u haveno style or respect dude….dudeim the first one in our hoodto do a heavenspot…all that trailer n wall graft is good but h.spots to me show more nuts man talk shot when u got cred…I’m not into graft n e more n I haven’t been for a while n u new kids need to stop baton man4 reals I know I ain’t that good but I’m way the duck better then u n I’ll battle u n e day u want u fckn toy!u know were I am so if u wanna do sumtin come by u can’t be tough over the net bitch u fckn toyass kid!

  • gone

    Hspot??? you call under a bridge an h spot??

    shut the fuck up and stop embarrassing yourself.

    call me when YOU get a set of nuts.

    yeah i know where you stay at. so call me up when you want and i’ll go over there and shove your face in the fuckin dirt.

  • know ur shit

    scence on (other name) first to hit century 21 TRE the last..gone is all talk. i wanna see a nigga get cracked. or kicked in between the eyes ‘(aj’s move)


    hahah real talk i ws the first person to hit up century 21s top level roof by the freeway in the hood..mink hits up meat markets cuz he loves meat in his mouth no joke…call me a toy..well i am not saying im the best or trying to prove i am good i do it cuz its a thrill,and its fuckin dope to pass by and see ur name in the sky when u put in work talk but other then that with ur wack ass throw ups and shaky ass style man go home look up some letters on the internet and go thrw another wack piece cuz thats all u got..paint drippin like a motherfucker with ur walmart cans of paint..fuckin toy ass kid!

  • Renegade

    Why dont we talk about good people like TRE and PK (Who inspired me to write anyways)

When: July 13, 2008

Where: Houston


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