The Streets Speak: DUAL

The DUAL series popped up on the Houston scene about a year ago. The artist bounces around from pasting to stickers to painting, always keeping it fresh, almost always making use of duality in one way or another, just like his name suggests.

I managed to track down the artist and asked him to comment on his work. You can see what he has to say below, but before we begin, let us give thanks to Groovehouse for sharing these flicks.

Okay, here we go.

The special gift one is pretty self-explanatory. I can take anything — doors, buff marks, dumpsters, etc — make it mine and give it back to the environment. I chose the little kids to represent innocence. Keep an eye out for more of these kids.

A favorite actor of mine, Bert Lahr, the Cowardly Lion. His expression brings a sense of worry and timidity. Which is exactly how I wanted people to feel when they first started seeing these.

Billy the Kid, a perfect icon for being a wanted rebel.

The skirts, a mirrored image of a girl, was just a fuckaround… ha ha

Double-headed eagle, based on a 15th-century crest, to which I added another head, represents power and duality.

Richard Pryor – This is just an homage to him which contains a little snippet from a stand up, which I thought was pretty clever. The white man might not… =)

All of my work is based on the idea that the world was created by the concept of good and evil, black or white. Thus the name DUAL… Two heads on an eagle, two girls, two little kids – they all back up my theory of duality.

(Photos by Groovehouse)

When: October 25, 2006

Where: Houston

What: , ,

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