These TVs have been popping up in the Houston Heights lately. I’m not sure if they’re the work of a crew or a lone gunman, but I’m diggin’ the simplicity.

UPDATE: Just received word in the comments section that TV is a crew. Thanks, Max.

  • Max

    TV is a crew out of Houston.

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  • V31N

    Dont direct the Buffing on us.there were many people who hit the bridge before it got buffed.the first time it got buffed was around 05 when cred or someone hit the end..i know becuz i hit that spot like a few days after it got buffed.only went back 1 time to help drop the TV CREW roller visible going outbound.then again when the malaki and rubix peices where dropped visible from outbound…the only thing worth the damn was the verbs meat and keli……moral of the story….graffiti is either fades away or gets buffed.part of the game………


When: February 1, 2007

Where: Houston


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