Required Reading: “The Dinglerization of America”

New Orleans Art Book

Somebody call Levar Burton. It’s turning out to be a great week for books. First there was Stay Up: Houston Street Art, and now we’ve got The Dinglerization of America, by NoLA Rising’s Rex Dingler.

Straight from the author: “My new book is hot off the presses at Blurb highlighting the artwork that was in the Dinglerization of America art show at Coup D’Oeil. It’s taken me a while to work on it, but I’ve finally gotten it finished.  Whether you were able to buy a piece of art or just enjoyed the show, I hope you also enjoy this book.  While it’s not literally DIY, I was able to put it together through friends’ photos and sheer but lazy determination.  Please also feel free to share with anyone else you may think would enjoy.”

When: October 29, 2010

Where: New Orleans


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