What’s the point?

This site was launched in September 2006 with the intent of working towards a sense of place, an understanding of regionalism as it pertains to street art in the Dirty South, particularly in Texas.

I took a lot of photos and became friends with a lot of creative people who spent their evenings covered in beer, sweat and wheat-paste.

But then I moved to Los Angeles in March 2009 and the project, reasonably enough, started to sputter.

So now the site is devoted to whatever, but mostly street art, and art in general, and politics, and other stuff too. Whatever, really.

Aren’t you promoting illegal activity with all those graffiti photos?

Relax. I am only documenting a phenomenon that would exist regardless of whether or not anyone blogged about it.

Why don’t you post more often?

Cuz y’all need to start sending me more flicks.

What number are we thinking of?

Sixty-nine, dudes!