That Alex Guy Must Be One Bad Motherfucker

Over at Grits for Breakfast, Scott Henson weighs in on the Katy sixth-grader who was recently read her rights, ticketed and sent to an alternative school for writing “I love Alex” on a gym wall with a baby blue Sharpie.

This paragraph really puts the whole thing in perspective:

The graffiti offense is a Level 4 infraction in the district’s discipline plan, along with making terroristic threats, possessing dangerous drugs, and assaulting with bodily injury. Only a Level 5 — for murder, possessing firearms, committing aggravated or sexual assault, arson or other felonies — is more severe.

Yep, you read that right. Writing “I love Alex” is equivalent, in Katy ISD’s eyes, to making a terroristic threat or breaking someone’s arm.

You can check out Henson’s entire post here.

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When: July 7, 2007

Where: Houston

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