Bombshell Poison Buffed

That spot behind Poison Girl has been buffed again.

Luckily, I got some flicks a few weeks ago, which I’ll post in the next day or two.

Last night I walked back there to take a look at the damage, and suddenly I heard a loudspeaker come on and saw a flash from above on a telephone pole.

“This is the Houston Police Department,” the speaker said. “Your picture has just been taken. Leave now.”

And then there was another flash that was timed quite cleverly, taking a photo right when I stared up and found the camera.

I’d never seen anything like that before. Must be a new weapon in the War on Graffiti.

  • Ray

    That’s awesome. Houston’s well on its way to being the U.K. The double picture is really clever. The engineer who thought that one up probably got a big bonus.

  • yeah

    theres one by my house what do they do with these pictures..somedays it works others it doesnt.

When: November 24, 2006

Where: Houston

What: ,

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