Nekst and GY

Derek Shumate shares these bad-ass photos. Great graff. Great flicks.

Nekst, by the way, has been absolutely killin’ it lately…

  • jcup

    nekst go by NEXT as well? cause ive seen next around for a long time

  • ?

    so yeah seventhirtyklick defthreats rebels till death but whats RTL

  • Dirty3rd

    Refuse To Lose, I think, and maybe something else as well.

  • kid

    I’ve seen train pics of next’s work and he had some wild style burners that were spelled out like nekst. so yeah it has to be him.

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  • josh

    dude nekst was origonally next but that name got way to hot for him to keep so he had to change it nekst and yes RTL stands for REFUSE TO LOSE and correct me if im wrong but GY stands for GRAVEYARD and yes u all kno DTS stands for DEFTHREATS and by the way there arent as many of his pieces left in houston anymore the only pieces left are the Gosh Nekst Kows that they did in gray w black out line and the huge NEKST and YANO thats on top of the adult movie place downtown

  • k.m.

    What the fuck…?

  • ACE

    GY=GraveYard, and ya that yano and nekst pieceis tite!

When: June 4, 2007

Where: Houston


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