The Streets Speak: B~Kay

Watchful eyes have been popping up in the Montrose over the last couple of months. They come courtesy of B~Kay, a Houston-based artist who’s also pasted in Austin and San Francisco.

Here, B~Kay shares some of her flicks and offers up a few words:

I love to see people’s reaction to things and I am a big people-watcher. My favorite part of the human body is the eyes. I think you can tell a lot about a person through their eyes.

When I am painting my third eye opens and I get lost in it. Painting is like a drug to me; I am always craving it. Art is a magical thing; it brings the best out of everyone. Street art is the most positive thing coming out of the world today.




San Francisco

(All photos courtesy of B~Kay.)

When: December 11, 2006

Where: Houston


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