The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal

I heard about this video years ago, but I only just saw this clip today.

the subconscious art of graffiti removal (excerpt) from matt mccormick on Vimeo.

The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal is a tongue-in-cheek documentary directed by filmmaker Matt McCormick and narrated by Miranda July, who you might know from Me and You and Everyone We Know.

If you’ve ever admired the arrangement of gray squares on concrete, this video is for you.

  • kev

    I paint draw sculpt and graffiti but modertn art or this iv never got!

  • WowUareDumb

    This is the dumbest video i have ever seen it is not art whatsoever. What these morons call art is simply the difference in people’s laziness. People that do a nice big block to remove the graffiti are the ones that are not as lazy as the rest. The people that barley cover the graffiti up are the real lazy ones that is it it has nothing to do with art at all. I bet if you took a look at the ones that were completely covered up and interviewed the “artist” that did the job they would be competent workers and if you interviewed the ones that barley covered up the graffiti they would be slackers. It has nothing at all to do with them wanting to make a statement subconsciously but instead it has to do with the pride they take in there job. For instance if you worked on a farm and stacked sh*t all day aside others that stacked sh*t all day you would notice some stacks of sh*t are piled nicer then others and considering the person that made this video stacked a whole lot of it during the production they would call it art and say that the stacks were different looking because some of the sh*t stacker’s were trying to subconsciously express themselves. Again no just no it comes down to laziness nothing more nothing less it is not people expressing themselves artistically but instead people demonstrating there work ethic. I bet you see sh*t in the clouds to huh you moron.

When: December 10, 2007

Where: Wherever

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