Police State

More information on that anti-graffiti camera near Poison Girl:

There are 20 such cameras around the city, not to mention a few decoys.

I’m not really in the mood at the moment, but let’s just pretend this is the part where I rant for a couple of paragraphs about how this development stinks of a police state and how the city would never dream of using such aggressive tactics against advertisers. And, you know, all that other shit.

  • http://www.tjsdoubleplay.com Ray

    Do you think the cops monitor your blog monitoring the cops monitoring taggers?

  • Dirty3rd

    I dunno. Too bad there isn’t a cop blog that monitors blogs that monitor cops monitoring taggers.

    Although, at that point, perhaps it’d be so damn meta that the universe would fold in on itself. Or at the very least, it’d be a serious case of self-awareness — kind of like traveling back and time and meeting your past self. Or something.

When: December 7, 2006

Where: Houston

What: ,

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