Many thanks to Michael Cameron for sharing these flicks.

I’m especially diggin’ this first one.

  • kid azone

    yo that sever is crunk im a fan of the exchange stuff they do 2…

  • v

    I’m really proud of you.

  • Treys Ludlow

    For years and years I’ve been watching their work go by on the train. It always filled me with some weird emotion…I wished I could find them. There’s one that says DOSE, also, and I always wondered who these people were.
    I’m a writer, and for a while I wrote stories about them, just trying to put a history behind it all. It’s amazing to find something like this…something that has been a big part of my visual life…and see that I’m not the only one who notices it.
    I think the only reason I’m still in Atlanta is the street art I’ve seen over the years.
    Thanks for the smiles.

  • Nina

    I live in Atlanta and every time i see his art i’m on MARTA and it brightens my day.

When: November 27, 2006

Where: Atlanta


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